Twitter Thread Maker

Use this tool to make Twitter threads from long captions. Choose a seperator and we automatically split it into threads.

Split into threads by:

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How to make Twitter threads

  1. Paste a twitter caption in the text area above
  2. Choose a seperator so we know where to split the threads
  3. Hit the "Make Threads" Button
  4. Click "Tweet" on the first thread
  5. In Twitter, click "+" to add another thread
  6. Copy each thread from here into a new thread in Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Twitter thread?

A Twitter thread is just a tweet split into multiple tweets as the max character limit for Twitter is 280 characters. Creating a Twitter thread is the perfect way to do longer Twitter posts

Why should I make Twitter threads here and not in Twitter?

Twitter thread interface can be tricky to split a single long tweet into multiple threads so this tool just makes it easy and being able to do it by any custom character makes it much faster.

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