Facebook Post Scheduler — Plan Status Updates

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Facebook Post Scheduler — Plan Status Updates


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"Hands down the best social media scheduling platform! We will honestly never go back to any other. Pally is a social media managers best friend!"

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Schedule & auto publish carousel posts.

Easily create carousel posts and automatically publish them to your Facebook page.

Schedule and auto publish Facebook posts directly to Facebook.


Create text or link only posts.

Don't want to post an image? Toggle to a text post and do a quick update. Add a link into the caption and we'll use that as the image instead.

Create text only Facebook posts.


Location tagging.

Tag your scheduled Facebook posts with a location to get more engagement.

Add a location to your scheduled Facebook posts.


Video cover thumbnails.

Choose a frame from your video to display as the thumbnail when scheduling a Facebook post.

Choose a video cover photo from a frame of your video.

Plan months in advance with our Facebook post scheduler.

Just sign up, connect your Facebook page and start scheduling your Facebook posts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Pallyy auto post Facebook carousels?

We sure can! Simply select more than 1 image and drag it on to the calendar to start drafting a Facebook carousel post.

Does Pallyy support auto-posting to Facebook?

Does Pallyy work with personal Facebook accounts?

Is Pallyy approved by Facebook?